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Poster Session 100 years of the Cajal Institute

The great neuroscientific Christmas event

Awards decision published Find out the winners of the best plenary talk and the best poster CajalXmas Awards 2021
Poster Session 100 years of the Cajal Institute

CajalXmas Meeting: a chance to showcase your research work

Winners of the 2021 edition The resolution of the CajalXmas Awards 2021 is already published CajalXmas Awards 2021
End the year with Neuroscience

At Christmas, share Science.
Share Knowledge

The CajalXmas meeting is a renowned international scientific forum within the prestigious environment of Instituto Cajal (CSIC), that gathers each year excellent young independent researchers from all over the world.

This event is conceibed to bring together research from different areas in Neuroscience to learn about the latest scientific advances, and facilitate the establishment of exciting new collaborations. This meeting also provides unique opportunities for networking and career development.

The jury of the CajalXmas Meeting has already evaluated and assessed the plenary talks and posters presented at the last edition held last December 22, 2021. You can find out the winners on the CajalXmas Awards page.

CajalXmas Awards 2021

Best Plenary Talk Award
funded by:

Izasa Scientific

Izasa Scientific
Instituto Cajal